Arctic Adventure Book Fair coming to elementary school

2019/10/book-fair-october-10IMG_4080-300x164.jpg Photo courtesy Lisa Scott
Pagosa Springs Elementary School students stand in front of the book fair wall decorated for the theme: Arctic Adventure Book Fair — Snow Much to Read! Students from Christy Taylor’s second-grade class include (left to right): Katelynn Goheen, Aidan Sweeney, Noah Martinez and Mia Lucero. The blizzard of books that is the Scholastic Book Fair will be available during school hours Oct. 14-25.[/caption]

By Lisa Scott

Special to The SUN

Arctic Adventure Book Fair — Snow much to Read! is coming Oct. 14-25 during school hours and parent/teacher conferences at the Pagosa Springs Elementary School library. The community, parents, families and teachers are invited to attend this Scholastic Book Fair and participate in activities that accompany the arctic theme, which are all geared to instill the love of books and reading.

The enthusiasm is building and the wall in the central hallway has been decorated with a polar bear strolling under the northern lights amidst an iceberg housing penguins and an arctic forest.

Parent/teacher conferences are Oct. 14, 15 and 16, and the book fair will be open during these hours for the convenience of families.

The Partners In Education Committee (PIE) will host a Family Night for students and families on Thursday, Oct. 24, from 5 to 7 pm. A delicious homemade dinner of baked potatoes, chili and toppings, salad and dessert will be served in the cafeteria. All families are invited to the school for an evening full of fun, entertainment and companionship with other families.

The book fair serves several purposes for the school. First, it’s a great way to inspire children to read by introducing new literature and highlighting existing books that kids love. Second, it is an opportunity for students and their families to engage in an all-school activity and create camaraderie around education. Finally, it is a fundraiser as proceeds from book fairs are used for reading and educational improvements that are not funded through the school budget. Funding for alternative and flexible furniture in classrooms has been the focus for several years.

Flexible seating is being used in classrooms across the country to enhance learning by providing seats that allow students to wobble, bounce, lean, rock and stand. Providing a range of furniture to work at different heights and positions encourage short bouts of physical movement which contribute to physical heath and stimulates sensory input. Alternative furniture includes beanbag chairs, wobble stools, exercise balls, mushroom stools, floor rugs and cushions, tall chairs, standing desks, low tables and more.

The community is invited to attend the book fair as a shopper or volunteer as the event is hosted in the school library and staffed by volunteers. For more questions or to volunteer, contact Aubrie Limebrook at (808) 721-6876.