CDE to offer optional SAT and PSAT tests this fall at no cost to public school seniors and juniors


Colorado Department of Education

Colorado school districts and charter schools will have the opportunity this fall to offer their 12th- and 11th-grade students the SAT and PSAT at no cost to the student. 

The Colorado Department of Education will pay for the assessments that will be administered during the school day on specific dates in September and October, using existing funds designated for assessments. 

The optional assessments will provide interested eligible students with an opportunity to take, at no expense to them, the SAT or PSAT in place of the spring 2020 SAT and PSAT school-day exams that were not administered due to the suspension of in-school learning last spring because of the COVID-19 public health crisis. Replacement administrations are not being offered for the canceled CMAS or PSAT9 exams.

“The SAT and ACT are not required for admission into Colorado public colleges and universities next year, but I know many of our students will still want to take a college entrance assessment as another way, in addition to grades and activities, to demonstrate their accomplishments,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “I’m pleased we will be able to offer the SAT to our seniors and the PSAT to our juniors — at no cost to them — to provide another opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to postsecondary institutions, as well as scholarship providers.”

In addition, students may elect to take the SAT on one of three available Saturday administration dates at state expense if they attend a public school that has not chosen to participate in a school day administration. Results will be used for individual student and local school or district purposes only and will not be used for state reporting or accountability in 2021. 

In-school test dates:


Primary test date: Sept. 23.

Make-up test date: Oct. 28.


Primary test date: Oct. 14.

Alternate test date: Oct. 28.

Test dates may be canceled in the event of a local or regional school closure related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the event of closure, additional test dates are not expected to be scheduled, but students may have the option to take the assessment on a Saturday administration.