Charles Martinez to play for Sunday Night Unplugged


By Sally Neel

Special to The SUN

This Sunday evening at 5 p.m., Sunday Night Unplugged will enjoy the contemplative music of the Native American flute presented by local artist Charles Martinez.

Sunday Night Unplugged is a monthly service of music, short readings and silence for meditation offered to the public by St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. It is a time to reflect, pray, meditate, and soak in the beauty of the music and the space.

Martinez, a Pagosa Springs native, has inspired many by the haunting, mellow sounds of his handmade instruments. His reverence for God and creation speaks through each flute, unleashing sounds that seem to depict the mystery and holiness of nature. He plays his own compositions, drawing his listeners into a time of meditation and peace.

“Charles’ tunes are not ones that tend to stick in your mind’s ear. Rather, his music transports us, enabling us to rid ourselves of the busy thoughts that tend to consume us in our daily lives. It gently guides us to a peaceful place, to a place of holiness,” said Fr. Doug Neel, rector of St. Patrick’s.

St. Patrick’s provides a perfect venue for meditation with its floor-to-ceiling transept windows that offer views of the San Juan Mountains and towering pine trees. The altar is beautifully decorated and prayer candles are made available to commemorate special prayers you may wish to offer.

Sunday Night Unplugged is an opportunity to offer your personal prayers in a setting that is purposefully prepared to help you feel welcome and safe. Many make this service a monthly commitment to enhance their spiritual journey.

St. Patrick’s is located at 225 S. Pagosa Blvd. Sunday Night Unplugged begins at 5 p.m. and lasts about an hour. You are invited to come and enter into peace and prayer.