Colorado residents now able to voluntarily report vehicle ownership transfers


Special to The SUN

Colorado residents selling their vehicles may now voluntarily report an ownership transfer to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Beginning Jan. 1, pursuant to C.R.S 42-6-109(3), created with Senate Bill 18-073, a person transferring ownership of a vehicle may voluntarily notify the Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles within five days of transfer of ownership at (using the report release of liability link under vehicle services) or in person at a county motor vehicle office. This notification serves to remove the seller’s liability for the buyer’s actions involving the vehicle after the sale is complete. Information entered into this system is available to law enforcement agencies.

This new process supplements the existing vehicle sales process and provides additional protection for individuals selling their vehicles. Vehicle owners are still required to sign their title over to the new vehicle owner and the seller should remove their license plates before completing a motor vehicle sale.

This new service is one of 35 services available at Other available services include vehicle registration renewal, driver’s license renewal and the ability to request personalized license plates.