HVAC project at Pagosa Springs Medical Center underway

2020/09/psmc-hvac-IMG_E7692-300x169.gif Photo courtesy Pagosa Springs Medical Center
As part of its HVAC renovation project, crews hoisted a 7,000-pound HVAC unit onto the roof of Pagosa Springs Medical Center early last week.

Pagosa Springs Medical Center

Construction is underway for the anticipated HVAC project at Pagosa Springs Medical Center (PSMC). The HVAC construction began earlier in August and, last week, a sizable crane hoisted a 7,000-pound HVAC unit on to the top of PSMC’s roof. Construction will continue through November.

PSMC has been planning and preparing for the HVAC system renovation since being awarded a matching grant of $911,000 from Colorado’s Division of Local Affairs. This new HVAC system is needed to support the increased demand of surgery and oncology services and will allow PSMC to better control and monitor temperature and humidity in the operating room, allow for the expansion of a second operating suite, add infection control negative air pressure to two Emergency Department rooms, improve cooling in the Oncology Department, as well as provide energy savings for the facility.

According to Dr. Rhonda Webb, CEO and chief medical officer of PSMC, “We are grateful to DOLA and to the generous donors in this community who have helped PSMC make this much needed improvement to our HVAC system.”