Ignacio 9Health Fair set for May 7


By Larry Corman

9Health Fair

The Ignacio 9Health Fair is being held again this year after a two-year break, on May 7 from 7 to 11 a.m. The location is the Ignacio High School (come in from the east side — facing toward Colo. 172). 

A blood chemistry screening ($45), along with many other screenings are available: prostate specific antigen (PSA), $40; hemoglobin A1C diabetes screening, $35; vitamin B12 screening, $25; high-sensitivity C-reactive protein screening (hsCRP), $40; blood cell count screening, $30; vitamin D screening, $60; colon cancer screening kit, $45; testosterone screening, $50; blood type, $35; and COVID antibody, $65.

We encourage you to register online at: https://9health365.org/health-fairs/spring/595/index. Fasting is not mandatory, although it is highly recommended (as long as you don’t have health issues) to fast for at least 12 hours to improve the validity of your screening results.

If you have any questions, please contact Larry or Trish Corman at (970) 883-2477. Dove Creek and Durango are the only upcoming health fairs in southwest Colorado other than Ignacio, so please don’t procrastinate if you need your blood work done.