Meet this year’s Pagosa stars who are dancing for your votes

2020/07/dancing-with-the-stars-collage-300x300.gif Photos courtesy Ursala Hudson, Jonathan Dobson and Robert Bonham
Top left to bottom right: Quinlan Quiros, Theresa Snyder, Blue Haas, Jonathan Dobson, Gabriel Heraty and Robert Bonham.

By Gabrielle Dorr

Seeds of Learning

Seeds of Learning is honored to announce the 2020 dancers who will be winning your hearts in our annual Dancing with the Pagosa Stars event. We selected these “Stars” for their community leadership, personality, and a belief in Seed’s education. 

If you have been following this event since April, then you will notice that our lineup of “Stars” and coaches has changed. Currently, our talented female “Stars” are Quinlan Quiros and Theresa Snyder. Our respected male “Stars” are Gabriel Heraty, Blue Haas, Jonathan Dobson and Robert Bonham. Due to safety precautions, we will be streaming this year’s Dancing with the Pagosa Stars online on Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. 

Our incredibly generous stars have agreed to be paired with this year’s professional coaches including Ashley Butcher, Sharina Ramsay-Adams, Alora Pelligrino, Haley Hudson, Nolan King and John Gilliam. Our stars learn a dance routine choreographed just for them and then perform for your votes now through our broadcast on Sept. 26. It will be a magical night for everyone joining in and witnessing these stars performing their dance of a lifetime.

Right now, you can go to the Seeds website at to see the biography of each star who is competing for your votes. Voting is now open and each $1 vote moves a star closer to winning the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy and bragging rights as the winner of this year’s event. More importantly, all the proceeds go to sustaining the important work that Seeds of Learning does to prepare preschoolers for their successful future both in school and in life.

This year, ticket sales will open to the public in August. Watch our website and Facebook page ( for specific instructions on ticket purchase and other important event information.

During the next few weeks we will tell you more about our Pagosa stars and why they have agreed to support Seeds. Each has a unique story and everyone associated with Seeds feels very lucky to have their amazing support. Their commitment to raise critically needed funds to educate vulnerable at-risk preschool children is truly inspiring. When you see these folks around town, be sure to let them know how special they are, and don’t forget to vote.