Pagosa Springs Rotary completes third-grade dictionary project

2020/12/dictionary-IMG_6358-300x275.jpg Photos courtesy Pagosa Springs Elementary School
Pagosa Springs Elementary third-grade students show off their new dictionaries courtesy Pagosa Springs Rotary Club. The pandemic couldn’t stop Rotary from delivering its annual gift of colorful dictionaries to the students. While Rotarians weren’t allowed in the schools due to restrictions, the students still received a gift of words and knowledge.[/caption]

By JoAnn Laird

Pagosa Springs Rotary Club

While a pandemic may shut down, close up and change our habits, it didn’t stop your local Rotary Club from delivering its annual gift of colorful dictionaries to the elementary school third-grade classes.

It was different to be sure. Typically, Rotarians have the joy of handing out the books to over 100 children and teaching them the benefits a dictionary can provide. The students find words and their meaning they never knew before, travel the world through displays of international flags and learn our country’s history through presidential biographies. Though Rotarians were not able to enter the school this year, there is comfort in knowing the children received these books once again.

This year has been a tough one for Rotary, as it has for most nonprofits. The annual fundraisers Rotary has, such as the Casino Night and Barn Dance, could not be held. 

The funds derived from these events go toward local endeavors of not only the third-grade dictionary project, but also gifting $20,000-plus annually for high school scholarships, providing manpower and resources for the needed Backpack Program, picking up highway trash, placing benches for those awaiting public transportation, endowing teacher mini-grants to defray their expenses, donating monies and items to the Food Pantry, helping fund the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership Greenhouse Project, hosting foreign students for the Student Exchange Program plus sending local students to study abroad, funding expenses for high school students to attend RYLA (a leadership training program), and assisting the town with the Fourth of July parade. Rewarding, fun and in some cases, life changers.

Your local Rotary supports Rotary International with eradicating polio in the world and assisting other international communities with educational, medical and clean water systems.

In short, Rotary is paramount for supplying manpower and funds for our community and beyond.

2020/12/dictionary-IMG_6361-300x260.jpgLooking toward the new year, Rotary looks forward to continuing supporting these needed causes. Rotary will gladly accept your donation at P.O. Box 685, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 or through any Rotarian. There is a lot to be done in 2021. 

Dictionary Cards of Thanks

The following notes of thanks were sent to Pagosa Springs Rotary Club from third-grade students who received dictionaries this year. 

The letters are printed unedited, with first names of the students only.

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for giving our class the educational and entertaining dictionaries. We will learn so many new words and definitions by reading them. Our class is very excited to grow our knowledge and improve our vocabulary. The Rotary Club was so kind and generous to provide us with these dictionaries. We are very thankful for you and your generosity.

Sincerely, The 3rd Grade Class of Mrs. Coleman: Mrs. Coleman, Jose, Aleyia, Gabe, Aliya, Tuff, Dilly, Max, Paisley, Landen, Jemma, Clayton, Ayden, Olivia, Camellia, Kolby, Aidan, Julian, Steven and Maelie

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for generously giving me a dictionary. I had to look up the word generously in the new dictionary. I do not eving know how to spell Colorado till I looked it up, that is because I just moved from Alaska. I just got it and I have used it alot.

I can’t whate to learn more abowt spelling. I love it!

Sincerely, Kinley

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for the Dictionary’s. and for every thing you’ve done and i cant wait to learn with the dictionary.

Sincerely, Cody

Der Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary. I really appreciate all you do for our community. I’m excited to look up new words.

Sincerely, Brave

Dear Rotary club,

Thank you so much for the dictionary.

I am so so so excited to learn.

I cant wait to learn new words.

I am doing a animal projeocet about koalas and from the cover I can tell I am going to learn a lot about them.

Sincerely, BayLee

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary. And I can’t wait to look up new words in it.

You are the best!

I can’t wait to take it home with me.

Thank you! I’m excited.

Sincerely, Madison

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary.

I’m so excited to see what is in the dictionary.

I can’t wait to read the stuff in the dictionary.

You are the best for giving use the dictionary.

I can’t wait to learn new thing’s in the dictionary.

Like animal’s and power tool’s and all kind’s of thing’s.

Sincerely, Carlie

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you so much for the dictionary. I can’t what to learn so much stuff.

I relly appreciate you giving us the dictionaries.

I’m learning so much stuff I going to be the kide ho know’s how to spell everything.

Now when I am home scooling whith my dad he doesn’t havt to look up how to spell stuff whit his pone.

how about this wen I am eny where and I need help to spell some thing I won’t ask an adult I will look in my dictionary I promiss.

Sincerely, Shiloh

Dear Rotary club,

Thank you for the dictionarys! I can’t wat to look at new words. You are the best! Thank you so much!

I am so excited! I can’t wait to take the dictionary home. I have been looking at new words. I can’t for you to see this leter. I really appreciate you giving us the dictionarys. Thank you for what you do for are community.

Sincerely, Pia 

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for the dictionary. I appreciate the dictionary very much. You are very generous gifting us dictionaries. Cant wait to look up new words. You are awsome.

Sincerely, Genevieve 

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you so much for the dictionarys.

I’m really happy that we got a dictionary. I can’t whait to learn new artifats.

You are the best club ever. Thank you! I am so exided.

Sincerely, Canaan

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you so moch for the dictionary. I hope you hav more for the skool mis. sikes clas


Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you guys for the dictioary. I really appeciate that you gave us the 879 dictioary’s. You are the best! I’m so excited!

Sincerely, Cooper

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you so much for the dictionary. I can finally look up the stuff I need to know in the 878 page dictionary. I really appreciate that you gave it to us! You are AMAZING!!! Thank you!

Sincerely, Karlie

Dear Rotary Club

Thank for to giv us a dictionary. than you he peppl than you to ed cind than you far the Dictionary.


Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for giving us these dictionaries! I already used it like 10 times. It really helps me! You guys are so nice, kind, and sweet. thank you

Sincenrly, Kyleah

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for the hudge Dictionary even the word is long!! I lernd to spell prehistoric, marigold, koala, identical, and rhinoceros. And I just want to say one more time Thank you!!!

Sincearly Avitt

dear rotary club,

Thank you for giving us dictinary’s so we can learn how to spell. Thank you for helping us too! Thank you for helping 3rd graders.


Dyer redery club,

thank you for giving all the bictianarys to all the therd grade. I even yousd the bicshenesy for this note. it was so splinded of you to bo this for the therd grayd ...


Dear Rotary club,

Thank you for the Dictionarys. I will yus it all the time. What buwh you gise duoy?

Your farend, Keyonnah

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for all the help you guy’s have done. Thank you for the dictionnary. I’t so so so so so cooool.

Thank you for helping families in need.

(No name given)

Dear rotary club,

thank you for the Dictionary. I searched up sausage sauna and sawdust. Thank you for helping families in need. You have helped lots of people.

it’s so cooooooool!!!

(no name given)

Dear Rotary Clud,

Thank you for giving us Dictinnarys. Thanks for helping people out. What do you gise do win you are borrd?


Dear Rotary Club,

What thening do you gise do when you are dord. do you gise do you play sporst.


Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary! I Like the drone, koala, prehistoric, marigolg, sabbath, and vultures. Thank you for … DICTIONARY!!!

your firend Kiana 

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank yo for the dictionary. I have already started looking stuff up. I love my dictionary. Thank you for getting us dictionarys with pictiurs. The dictionary is the best now I no how to spell some words I didn’t now how to spell. Have a nice day.


Dear Rotary Club

thank you for riding lot of word and you are oese my friends and I like pichrse I was waning bo you make thes pichr of the anlase and you go ever that how you do that But you are my friends.


Dear Rotary Club,

thank you for Dictionary. I am so happy! Thank you is just so cool I get to spell well. Thank you so much. you are a rock star.


Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for giving us the Dictionarys they are so cool! I Love mine! I can not wate to look up woods in it! they are so cool.


Dare Rotary Club,

thank you for boks.

(Name unreadable)