Pagosa Valor Academy


2019/11/debs-schol-IMG-0494-300x193.jpg Photos courtesy Lynell Wiggers

Pagosa Valor Academy students visit the historic Debs School located in the Upper Piedra recently. The tour and great stories about the one-room schoolhouse was given by former Debs student John Taylor and wife Jean Taylor. Ray Ball also hosted the class.

Valor students and their families listened intently as John Taylor reminisced about his days as a student when his mom was his teacher. When asked what was his favorite memory of his time at Debs School, he replied, “When I got to ride to school on my horse.” When asked what his least favorite memory of his school days was, he answered, “We had to go to school April through October, because we couldn’t get to school from our home due to too much snow — you know all the fun in Pagosa happens in the summer.”