SJBPH warns of retail food license scam


San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) is warning that imposters are posing as SJBPH staff, calling local businesses and saying they need to pay for their retail food license over the phone.

“SJBPH has recently become aware that individuals have been contacting retail food license holders in our area posing as our staff and informing them that they must pay for their retail food license over the phone. SJBPH does not solicit payments or renew licenses over the phone. Please do not provide any information, or make payments over the phone,” a statement on SJBPH’s website reads.

“We don’t ever share renewal information that way; we always do it in a letter,” said SJBPH Director of Communications Claire Ninde in a phone call.

Ninde explained other areas in Colorado have faced similar scams and that the perpetrators are usually not from the location where they’re soliciting money.

And while Ninde explained SJBPH does accept payments over the phone, she said, “We would not solicit, though, payments over the phone. That’s the difference.”