Dear Editor:

I could be upset that I, along with the other petition gatherers, have been accused of lying as we went door to door to explain why we wanted a special election.

I could be upset that Bob Hart thinks that The Friends of Reservoir Hill is also spreading untruths about the TTC and that we don’t appreciate all the volunteer hours that have gone into Reservoir Hill. He could be in touch with the Friends if he has issues or questions, or even join The Friends if he agreed with the following mission statement:

“The Friends of Reservoir Hill is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing our community park for year around use by locals and tourist alike.  We want to create amenities that reflect a harmonious natural design that improves and enhances Reservoir Hill while creating a positive economic impact. With community support and input, Friends of Reservoir Hill would like to partner with the town and the public in exploring the following ideas;

• Multi-use event center.

• Meadow greenscaping.

• Educational exhibits.

• Observation deck.

• Trails and signage.

Friends of Reservoir Hill wants to explore alternatives to large mechanical structures that conflict with the natural and peaceful environment of our park.

If anyone thinks we had to lie to get signatures or spread bad will about the TTC concerning the plan they want to implement (if money is raised) they are wrong.

Why has this election come about? My thought is a pushy agenda that lost focus on the real goal and vision for Reservoir Hill because a few people had more input and more pull. I heard many times, since I started this process, that I ought to come to more meetings, but if most meetings are during the day when I am at work, how can I be part of the process? How can my voice be heard?

I don’t want to live in a tourist trap — but a tourist community — and the only way to accomplish this is to have people who live here feel a part of the process to help create a community they feel proud of.

If, on April 23, we elect to have a vote on big endeavors like the TTC’s Reservoir Hill project/plan, it can help fulfill that need of being a part of the process and not bystanders.

Over the past few months I have enjoyed conversations with several TTC and town council members and feel the tide is changing; certain people are listening and have been listening.

This special election is not about one plan vs. another, but about having a vote if mechanized rides are presented in the future. When and if a well-thought-out plan is presented to the people they would have the choice to vote for or against the plan.

I am sorry that Bob is so put out by our organization, but please cut out the slandering of our character in the newspaper.

Let’s value our town park for its valuable open space so close in town — encourage the active tourist, the active senior, the active families, the active individual.

Christine Funk